Fokussteuerungsvorrichtung, programm zur fokuskontrolle und verfahren zur fokuskontrolle

Focus control device, program for focus control, and method for focus control

Dispositif de commande de focalisation, programme de commande de focalisation et procédé de commande de focalisation


A focus control device includes an acquisition unit that acquires image data of a plurality of first frames, each of the plurality of first frames being captured at each of positions of a lens in an optical axis direction, the positions being different each other; and a movement unit that, when a focusing position of the lens is not determined based on contrast evaluation values for an area to be focused on in the plurality of first frames, determines a direction for moving the area, based on a magnitude of a contrast evaluation value within the area and a position of an area with the contrast evaluation value larger than or equal to a given threshold in each piece of image data of the plurality of first frames or a plurality of second frames newly acquired by the acquisition unit, and moves the area in the determined direction.




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