Procédé de saisie d'optimisation d'un code d'opération de numérisation d'informations relatives à des caractères mondiaux et système de traitement d'informations associé

Input method for optimizing digitize operation code for the world characters information and information processing system thereof

Eingabeverfahren zur Optimierung eines Digitalisierungsbetriebscodes für die Weltzeicheninformationen und Informationsverarbeitungssystem dafür

  • Inventors: SU, RONGBIN
  • Assignees: Rongbin Su
  • Publication Date: August 13, 2014
  • Publication Number: EP-2765487-A2


Optimized digital operational encoding and input method of world character information and information processing system thereof are directed to digital encoding technology of world character information. It thoroughly solves the conflict between the simplicity and high efficiency for encoding the world character information, and characterized by: according to the pronunciation and the glyph information of world characters, perform the digital operational encoding to the world character information with ten numerals 0-9 unifiedly by means of the encoding method operated with addition and subtraction by areas and positions. The method and device of the present invention takes these number codes as the index codes of retrieving the literatures of world characters and the computer input codes of world characters, so as to build up a complete set of method and systems capable of using world character to design the operating system, computer language, chip instruction, wireless interface protocol, and wireless internet protocol, used widely for computer, communications, network system, and the sorting and retrieving system of world character codes.




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