Ice making apparatus

Appareil de Fabrication de Glace


An ice making apparatus is provided in which a refrigeration cycle is used to produce ice inside an evaporator (56) that is generally horizontally disposed, with a hollow auger (72) being provided with a helical flight (105) thereon, for scraping ice from the inner wall of the evaporator and pushing the ice toward one end of the auger, by which it is compressed and moved by a paddle (125) toward a flange 8118), in which it is delivered to an ice breakup device (113), by which the ice is diverted into a compression zone (130), with water being squeezed from the ice and the ice delivered to a transport tube (27) and then to an ice retainer. Filling the retainer or jamming of ice nuggets inside the transport will effect a shut-down of the apparatus. Various water level controls for a water reservoir (46) are provided, whereby the auger is flooded inside and outside, for enhancing ice formation. Nugget-type ice is provided by the ice making apparatus. The apparatus allows for changing the nugget size/shape without negative ice hardness consequences.




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