Aggregatkopf für Maschinenwerkzeuge

Tête d'usinage pour machine-outil

Machining head for machine tool


A machining head (10) for a machine tool comprises a spindle unit (20) including a spindle (21) to which a tool is attachable and a support head component (30) that supports the spindle unit (20), the support head component (30) including an index mechanism that rotates the spindle unit (20) at least about an axis line extending perpendicular to a rotary axis line of the spindle (21) in order to index an angular position of the spindle unit (20), wherein the support head component (30) includes first and second support portions (30a, 30b) respectively including first and second support shafts (32, 37b, 38b, 39b) disposed such that axes of the first and second support shafts (32, 37b, 38b, 39b) are aligned with the rotary axis line and that the first and second support shafts (32, 37b, 38b, 39b) face each other with the spindle unit (20) interposed therebetween, wherein the index mechanism includes a drive motor (33) including a motor rotor (33a) and a motor stator (33b), the motor rotor (33a) being disposed concentrically with the support shaft (32, 37b) around the support shaft (32, 37b) within a housing (31a) of the support head component (30) and surrounding the support shaft (32, 37b), and wherein the index mechanism is disposed at one of the first and second support portions (30a, 30b).




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