Cartes multiples amovibles de mémoire non volatile communicant en série avec un hôte

Multiple removable non-volatile memory cards serially communicating with a host

Mehrere entfernbare, seriell mit einem Host kommunizierende, nicht-flüchtige Speicherkarten


Two or more very small encapsulated electronic circuit cards to which data are read and written are removably inserted into two or more sockets of a host system that is wired to the sockets. According to one aspect of the disclosure, command and response signals are normally communicated between the host and the cards by a single circuit commonly connected between the host and all of the sockets but during initialization of the system a unique relative card address is confirmed to have been written into each card inserted into the sockets by connecting the command and status circuit to each socket one at a time in sequence. This is a fast and relatively simple way of setting card addresses upon initialization of such a system. According to a second aspect of the disclosure, the host adapts to transferring data between it and different cards of the system over at least two different number of the data lines commonly connected between the host and all of one or more sockets, each card permanently storing a host readable indication of the number of parallel data lines the card is capable of using. This allows increasing the rate of data transfer when the need justifies an increased card circuit complexity. According to a third aspect of the disclosure, a serial stream of data is sent over a number of data lines from one to many by alternately connecting bits of the stream to a particular number of individual lines




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