Tympan artificiel utilisant une protéine de soie et son procédé de fabrication

Artificial eardrum using silk protein and method of fabricating the same

Künstliches Trommelfell unter Verwendung von Seidenprotein und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung


Provided are an artificial eardrum using silk protein and a method of fabricating the same. The artificial eardrum is fabricated in the form of a silk membrane by desalinating and drying silk protein (or silk fibroin) or a silk protein complex solution obtained after removal of sericin from a silkworm cocoon or silk fiber. Thus, regeneration of an eardrum perforated due to disease or a sudden accident is stimulated, a boundary of the regenerated eardrum is clean and biocompatibility and transparency are increased. In addition, the artificial eardrum may be fabricated using the silk protein or silk protein complex solution obtained from a silkworm cocoon alone or mixed with collagen, alginic acid, PEG or pluronic 127.




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