Vinylacetat-/aromatische Vinylester-Copolymer-Binderharze

Vinyl acetate/aromatic vinyl ester copolymer binder resins

Résines de liaison de copolymère d'acétate de vinyle/ester vinylique aromatique


An emulsion interpolymer polymer composition suitable as a binder resin for fibrous substrates such as woven or nonwoven products including textiles, apparel in general, papers, scrim, engineered fabrics, glass or other mineral fibers, roofing or flooring materials, comprises a copolymer obtainable by reacting: a) 3-97 pphwm of vinyl acetate; b) 97-3 pphwm of at least one vinyl ester of an aromatic carboxylic acid; and c) 10-0.1 pphwm of at least one functional monomer and optionally further comonomers.




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