Mikrovorrichtung und Flüssigkeitsmischverfahren

Dispositif micro et procédé de mélange de liquide

Micro device and liquid mixing method


A micro device (10) includes: a supply channel portion (12); a confluent part (14) into which multiple kinds of liquids (L1, L2) flow from the supply channel portion to join flows of the liquids from the supply channel portion; and a discharge channel portion (16) through which a confluent liquid obtained by joining the flows of liquids is discharged, wherein the supply channel portion includes one or more channel units (18) arranged around the confluent part, each of the channel units including three supply channels (18A, 18B, 18C) for joining the multiple kinds of liquids so as to sandwich one flow of liquid (L1) between two flows of liquid (L2), and a flow-in direction of the liquids flowing from each of the channel units into the confluent part is offset from the center (14C) of the confluent part.




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