Aufwicklungsvorrichtung für Faservlies und Verfahren zur Aufwicklung von Faservlies

Appareil d'enroulement de toile fibreuse et procédé d'enroulement de toile fibreuse

Winding apparatus of fibrous web and method for winding fibrous web


The present invention relates to a winding apparatus (10) of a fibrous web (W), which comprises at least one support element (13,14) supporting a reel (11) of its surface when winding which is movably supported to a support structure by control elements determining the path of the support element (13,14). The winding apparatus (10) comprises an elastic and/or damping arrangement (30) which enables changing the elasticity and/or damping of the support element (13,14) in two different directions/degrees of freedom during the use of the winding apparatus (10) and/or the motion of the support element (13,14). The invention also relates to an equivalent method.




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