Vehicular headlamp

Phare de véhicule


To block an air flow turning at a terminal end section of an extension from between the extension and a lamp body in a rear section of a lamp chamber end section to blow on a cover, and prevent formation of dew on the cover in the rear section of the lamp chamber end section. A vehicular headlamp (100) includes two lamp units (25) and (27) as projector-type lamp units and an extension (31) covering gaps among a lamp body (21) and the lamp units (25) and (27). A lamp chamber (22) has a lamp chamber end section (55) extending laterally with respect to the projector-type lamp unit (25) and rearward of a vehicle, and an air flow blocking section (57) that blocks air flowing in a rear section (55b) of the lamp chamber end section (55) from the lamp units (25) and (27) is provided between the extension (31) and the lamp body (21) in a front section (55a) of the lamp chamber end section (55).




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