System and method for setting a data rate in TDMA communications

System und Verfahren zum Einstellen einer Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit bei TDMA-Übertragungen

Système et procédé de configuration de débit de données dans des communications TDMA


A mobile ad-hoc network includes a plurality of N mobile nodes and wireless communication links connecting the mobile nodes, which each include a communications device for transmitting and routing data packets wirelessly to other mobile nodes via the wireless communication links in accordance with a time division multiple access (TDMA) data transmission protocol using a TDMA epoch that is divided into a beacon interval, digital voice interval and digital data interval. The mobile nodes monitor channel conditions using the beacon, digital voice and digital data intervals and provide a network conductivity performance as valid receptions occur within mobile nodes. A data rate is calculated and set for other N-1 mobile nodes using monitored channel conditions for the beacon, digital voice and digital data intervals.




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