Kontaktloser Positionssensor mit reversibler Selbsteinstellung

Non-contact position sensor with reversible self-adjustment

Capteur de position sans contact doté d'un ajustement réversible automatique


A non-contact position sensor (100) with a detector unit (104) has a sensor (110) for producing a sensor signal in response to the geometrical position of a moving indicator element (116) relative to the sensor. In order to allow smooth self-adjustment which is also reversible and permits simple and economical manufacture, the indicator element is mounted on an actuating unit (102) in a final assembled position by an assembly apparatus (118, 120), so that its geometrical position can be changed by the actuating unit. The assembly apparatus is constructed so that in a pre-assembled position it holds the indicator element in a defined position relative to the detector unit while the actuating unit is movable along an actuating axis (144) relative to the indicator element. The assembly apparatus has a substantially tubular form and is rotatable about the actuating axis for movement between the pre-assembled and the final assembled position.




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