Biegsames Verbindungskabel mit einer isolierten Abschirmung und Herstellungsverfahren

Câble souple d'interconnexion avec blindage isolé et procédé de fabrication

Flexible interconnect cable with insulated shield and method of manufacturing


A cable assembly having a plurality of first wires (32), each having a first end and an opposed second end A sheath (60,62) including a shield (62) encompasses all the first wires (32). The shield (62) is a braid formed of a plurality of braid wires, and each of the braid wires has an insulating coating. The braid wires may be gathered at an end into a pigtail. The insulation is removed from the braid wires at the pigtail. The insulation may be removed from the braid wires by dipping the pigtail in a high temperature solder bath.




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