Circuit d'attaque de ligne réconfigurable

Rekonfigurierbarer Leitungstreiber

Reconfigurable line driver


An electronic circuit includes a selectively configurable differential signal interface and a selection control input for selecting one of a plurality of standard differential signal interfaces for configuration of the differential signal interface. The selection control input selects one of the following plurality of standard differential signal interfaces: reduced swing differential signaling (RSDS), low voltage differential signaling (LVDS), mini low voltage differential signaling (mini-LVDS), and bussed low voltage differential signaling (BLVDS), for configuration of the differential signal interface. The electronic circuit may also include a plurality of selectable voltage sources (611, 612, 613) and a plurality of selectable current sources ( 614, 615, 616, 617) , for selecting, in response to an input signal at the selection control input, at least one of an operating D.C. voltage, a standard differential signal voltage, and a standard differential signal current for the differential signal interface.




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