Procédé et appareil de réduction des distorsions par propagation dans un signal de télévision

Method and apparatus for reducing multipath distortion in a television signal

Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Verminderung der Mehrwegsverzerrung in einem Fernsehsignal


The invention relates to a loop antenna comprising: a plurality of conductive strips (302) arranged in a circular pattern, where each strip comprises at least one narrowed portion; a feed point (306) comprising a gap defined by [said] at least one of said narrowed portions of each strip; and a feed line (304) mechanically coupled to at least one of said conductive strips (302) at point proximate to the midpoint between a respective pair of said narrowed portions, said feed line (304) extending along said conductive strip (302) and coupled to said feed point. (306).




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