Système, à chargement facile, de distribution de doses unitaires d'un produit peu visqueux

Unit dose low viscosity material dispensing system with easy loading

Leicht ladbares System zur Ausgabe von Doseneinheiten eines niedrigviskosen Stoffes


A syringe (10) having a breech (24) and a slot (26) adjacent an ampule chamber adapted to receive the body and nozzle of a collapsible ampule (11). A syringe (10) includes a forward ampule chamber having a predetermined longitudinal length for dispensing a relatively low viscosity material. A closed ampule (11) containing a relatively low viscous material is collapsible and is easily positioned and held within the syringe (10) during dispensing. The nozzle slot (26) permits easy insertion of the flexible collapsible ampule (11) and removal once the ampule (11) is collapsed. In one embodiment, a syringe barrel (22) has flexible fingers used in combination with a plunger having a reduced diameter intermediate portion for preventing the plunger from falling out of the barrel. Low viscosity materials in a unit dose collapsible ampule (11) are controllably and conveniently dispensed for use in many different applications. The present invention is particularly suitable for dispensing dental materials.




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