Procédé et appareil pour l'impression d'images à haute résolution en utilisant des modulateurs spatiaux de lumière à réflexions multiples

Method and apparatus for printing high resolution images using multiple reflective spatial light modulators

Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Drucken von Bildern mit hoher Auflösung mit vielfach reflektierenden räumlichen Lichtmodulatoren


An apparatus and method of printing images (10) onto a photosensitive media (140) using multiple reflective spatial light modulators. In the apparatus and method, illumination optics (25) uniformize and image light from at least one light source through polarization beamsplitting elements (80). The polarization beamsplitting elements (80) divide the illumination light into two polarization states. One polarization state of the illumination light illuminates the reflective spatial light modulators in a telecentric manner. The reflective spatial light modulators are addressed with image data signals. The reflective spatial light modulators modulate the polarized illumination light on a site by site basis and reflect the modulated light back through the polarized beamsplitting elements (80). The modulated light beams are combined to form an image, which is directed through a print lens (110) to expose a photosensitive media (140). The position of the spatial light modulators can be changed, and a new image can be printed.




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