Article absorbant pourvu de barrières latérales doubles

Absorbent article having double side cuffs

Absorbierender Artikel mit doppelten Seitenbarrieren


An absorbent article having both outwardly extending and upwardly extending side cuffs is disclosed. The article has a perimeter defined at least in part by a pair of oppositely disposed ends and oppositely disposed sides that extend substantially between the ends. A pair of side flanges extends from a proximal portion adjacent an absorbent structure to a distal portion proximate one of the article sides. Each side flange has a base element, an outer zone disposed adjacent the perimeter and an inner zone disposed between the outer zone and the absorbent structure. There is an elastically extensible element having a width sufficient to span at least the inner zone and a portion of the outer zone, a thickness, and a length. Each elastically extensible element is laminated to the cover material to form a cuff laminate. Each cuff laminate is attached to the base element of the side flange in the outer zone, but each is unattached to the base layer in the inner zone. Finally, the cover is attached to the absorbent structure, at least in a central region of the article. Thus, at least a portion of each cuff laminate is deflected away from the base element of each side flange proximate the inner zone when the elastically extensible element is in a relaxed state.




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