Diverter valve cartridge

Robinet inverseur à cartouche



A diverter valve cartridge (34) adapted to be received in a cavity (50) in a solid body is provided said cartridge comprising a tubular elongated housing (60) adapted to be received in said cavity (50) to define a first compartment (B) between an inner end of said housing and the inner end of said cavity and defining a second compartment (A) within the housing (60), an inlet port at one side of the housing, and a first outlet port at the outer end of said housing; a shaft (64) mounted in said housing in coaxial relationship therewith for rectilinear movement along the longitudinal axis of said housing; a piston member (70) mounted on one end of said shaft (64) in sliding sealed relationship with the inner wall of said housing and serving to separate the first and second compartments; a valve member (66) mounted on the other end of said shaft (64) in position to open and close said first outlet port in response to rectilinear movement of said shaft (64); said housing defining a second outlet port (56) communicating with the interior of said first compartment (B); and means (60c) defining a passage from said second compartment (A) to said second outlet port (56), to provide for restricted water flow from said second compartment (A) to said first compartment (B) and to said second outlet port (56).




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