Procédé de préparation d'un polymère de chlorure de vinyle

Process for production of vinyl chloride polymer

Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Vinylchloridpolymers


This process is a process for production of a vinyl chloride polymer by suspension polymerization or emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer or a mixture of vinyl chloride monomer with a vinyl monomer copolymerizable with said vinyl chloride monomer in an aqueous medium, characterized in that the polymerization is carried out in a polymerizer, the inner wall surface and portions of the auxiliary equipment thereof which may come into contact with the monomer during polymerization being previously coated with a scaling preventive comprising at least one selected from dyes, pigments and aromatic or heterocyclic compounds having at least 5 conjugated π bonds, while controlling the chloride ion concentration in the reaction mixture to not higher than 100 ppm. According to said process, scaling onto the inner wall surface of a polymerizer, etc. during polymerization can be prevented effectively and surely.




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