Rotor speed measurement device



The invention discloses a rotor speed measurement device for a rotor spinning machine, and belongs to the technical field of rotor spinning machines. The rotor speed measurement device comprises a rotor cavity combining piece, two tray wheels and a photoelectric sensor, wherein the tray wheels support and drive the supporting shaft part of a rotor to rotate, and are positioned on the rear side of the rotor cavity combining piece; the head part of the rotor is positioned on the front side of the rotor cavity combining piece; a plurality of induction holes are uniformly distributed on an end surface of one tray wheel in the circumferential direction; a sensor through hole corresponding to one induction hole is formed in the rotor cavity combining piece; the photoelectric sensor is mounted on a bottom plate of an open shelf of the rotor spinning machine; when the open shelf is closed, the position of the photoelectric sensor corresponds to that of the sensor through hole, and the photoelectric sensor penetrates through the sensor through hole in the rotor cavity combining piece to directly measure the quantity of the induction holes corresponding to the position of the sensor through hole in unit time, so as to calculate the real-time rotating speed of the rotor. Through the adoption of the rotor speed measurement device, the problem that the conventional rotor spinning machine cannot precisely measure the real-time rotating speed of the rotor is solved.




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