Special two-dimensional code corresponding to information recorded in red packet and generating method for special two-dimensional code



The invention provides a special two-dimensional code corresponding to the information recorded in a red packet. The two-dimensional code comprises the information which can be viewed by a red packet receiver and is encrypted in a generating process. A method for generating the special two-dimensional code comprises the following steps: inputting the information which is expected to be viewed by the red packet receiver in an information input interface of a two-dimensional code generating interface, and converting the input information to obtain a first sequence number corresponding to the input information; calling an algorithm to perform at least one encryption operation on the sequence number to generate a second sequence number according to the current display time of an operating system which is implanted with the two-dimensional code generating interface; sequencing the first sequence number and the second sequence number to form a sequence number group; inputting the sequence number group into the two-dimensional code generating interface to generate the two-dimensional code corresponding to the sequence number group. According to the method, an encryption mode corresponding to the current system time is called to encrypt the red packet information input in the two-dimensional code generating interface.




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